Winn Ellis

Working Together

Let's move forward.

Do you want to...

Get unstuck? Be motivated?
Adjust to a move, new job, marriage, family, divorce
Improve your relationships — of any kind
Have more balance in your life


Are you...

Looking for someone to talk to that is not a family member or friend
Feeling overwhelmed? stressed? frustrated?
Having a hard time breaking old habits
Looking for a “reboot” in your life
Wanting to make a change but afraid to make the leap


Where do we begin?



say hello!

An initial call to introduce ourselves to each other and to have a preliminary conversation about what you are looking to achieve — whether it is a adjusting to a specific challenge presently in your life or an overall lifestyle change that you trying to figure out. This is where we see if are a good fit for each other.



 Reset Your Compass

In exploring your current and future desires, I will guide you in a review to identify and confirm your core values as they are a compass to help you to live a life that is true to who you are.



The Plan

We will design an action plan to lead you through incremental and manageable steps that will ensure that you are consistently moving towards your target.



Time for Action

As you work towards your goal, my goal is to provide you with tools that will be an ongoing and future guide to your success. I will challenge you to be accountable, open and honest with each step that you take. We will learn and remove negative internal or external roadblocks that are not serving you and holding you back from being your best.



Move Forward

A new awareness of yourself, an uncovered power in your own abilities and a positive mind shift will guide you as you live a more fullfilled and "tuned-up" life.