Winn Ellis

Winn Ellis

Is it time for a change?


It is time for a change.

Feeling stuck? Wondering how you got here? Wish you could make more of your life? You're not alone. Let me help you learn to pursue your best self: Create the life that you want and deserve.

I work with clients who are wanting a change or wanting to learn how to adapt to a life changing event. In the process, we will uncover the area or areas that you want to work on and create a plan to achieve your goals.


When you see where you want to go
but don't know how to get there...

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SEarCH FOR Clarity

Coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice. I encourage my clients to find their own answers. I am an objective observer, a careful listener and an experienced professional who will help you set actionable steps toward your goals.


I've helped people discover the dreams they'd never realized and I've helped others find contentment, sometimes where it was least expected.

 FIND YOUR Purpose

Whether you are seeking direction with your career, relationship or myriad life challenges which have become temporary hurdles to a fulfilling life — whether you're adjusting to an empty nest, facing special parenting challenges or seeking strength, motivation or purpose...